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The Blog

After moving from New York City to Chicago and getting married, Rachel Bertsche realized that her new life was missing one crucially important thing: a local best friend. So she decided to go on one friend date every week for a year, and she documented her quest on a blog at

But before Rachel even started the blog, the 27-year-old writer put together a book proposal based on her search for a local BFF, and successfully pitched it to agents, and then editors. She says, “After I sold the proposal, I decided to start a blog so that I could have a place to document my journey and some of the research I was finding. I also wanted to start building a community and to engage with readers.”

It’s now been over two years since Rachel first launched So did she accomplish her blogging goals?…

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The Blog

 We know many of you love your blogs, and gleefully publish photos and posts without thoughts to reuse your work in other forms. But we know some wonder: could this be a book? Recently we wrote about how a blogger scored a book deal for You Are Not So Smart. But what if you want to do it all yourself?

As a blogger who has authored several successful books with publishers, and who works on, I recently self-published a book based entirely on posts from my blog. I wanted to see what I could learn, and I’m here to share it all with you.

The book I self-published is called Mindfire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds. It’s a collection of my best essays from my WordPress blog at, where I write about ideas, creativity and leadership. The book has done well, and has often been…

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Leverage and Retention…

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Dear Friends,

Thank you fore stopping by to read my blog. I must say that everywhere I turn and everywhere I go today people are worried and by right they should be. The economy is down, jobs are down and everyone is worried about their future and the future of their families. BUT let me ask you this! Is your job really SAFE? Is it SECURE? If today’s times have shown us anything it’s shown us that we have to BUILD for are FUTURE. The best and easiest way to do this is through ( LEVERAGE AND RETENTION) What does this mean? I will explain.

In today’s job place people are losing their positions to other people who are younger and are willing to work more for less. The (RESULT) Your out of a job that you may have worked at for 15 YEARS. And where does that leave you NOW? Looking for a new job! NOT if you were working for the RIGHT COMPANIES. It doesn’t have to happen. With the right company you would be THANKING that person who just came in and took your position. WHY? Because then you would only move up to a more HIGHER PAYING position. HOW? Through LEVERAGE AND RETENTION!

This is how it works!

Say you start out with a company at say $50 per referral… There are companies that pay more but I will use $ 50 as an example…

What this means is that the company is willing to pay you $ 50 every time they bring aboard someone who you introduced to the company, The company will also train you how to do this.


You make more MONEY…

They make more MONEY…

LEVERAGE comes in EVERYTIME you sign up a certain number of new people who you introduced to the company. Let’s say 3 with this ONE company, then the company promotes you with a raise of lets say $ 40 EVERY time you introduce someone new to the company…

There’s even BONUSES

What this means is that  every time  somebody that you introduced to the company brings a new person aboard the company the company will PAY YOU the BONUS.

You will NEVER LOSE your job and only advance your position with the company. These companies are built to stay in business and  easily promote you to that NEXT level and make you successful getting there.


There really ISN’T one. People just think it’s to good to be true. It’s not! Some people think it’s a scam because they didn’t find success doing it. Problem is they just weren’t following the training… These companies are PROVEN SUCCESSFUL…


RESEARCH the company first. Make sure that it’s a GOOD, STRONG, well-known company that’s been around for at least 30 years.  If the company has been around that long then it’s not a scam! This means that they have been a SUCCESS doing what there doing and have a SYSTEM in place that PROVES successful…


Try and find a company that has a product that can fill a void.

In other words! Try to find a product that everyone needs and no one has!

Friends I have researched these types of companies for 4 years now and I am currently having success with two of them…

To hear more on how you can change your future and build for your success you can find me at :

Hope to see you all there soon…

To your success…Robert…