About Robert

Robert is a former construction worker for 25 years where he ran a small commercial Sheet Metal Shop out of New York. Robert had it good. He had a great job, made great money, but in late 2008 things started to change. His employers became ill and passed on and the company that he worked his whole life had closed. With mortgage payments and a daughter he was responsible for he became desperate. He needed a job to support his family but nobody was willing to pay his worth. He would get low paying jobs that wanted him to work  60-70 hours a week on commission. They offered no health insurance for him or his daughter and had no future. Then Robert began to explore on-line and discovered work from home businesses. By using those low paying jobs as fuel to succeed so he would never have to work for pennies again he jumped at the idea and began working from home. But with no experience he quickly realized there was a lot more to it. He began to research different MLM companies and found a good strong company with a proven track record of success and growth. That is when he received a phone call that would change his future forever. It was from a representative of that same company. He got started right away and found success early but soon found out that he needed to improve himself. He started reading books and studying videos. He reached out to all the industry leaders and gathered as much information as he could. The more he knew the more he grew in his business. Now Robert uses his new-found time freedom to spend with his daughter and help others in the industry. Robert is now an all around marketer in the home business and internet industries. He’s passionate about  teaching internet marketing skills and helping others to grow and succeed in their home business no matter what they choose to do by passing on the same skills he has learned over time.

To your success

~ Robert ~


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